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Examiner of Basque language levels: designated by the University of the Basque Country.
Euskaltzaindia-Academy of the Basque Language: contributor of the Academy of the Basque language in the section of exotoponimy.
Examiner of the selectivity tests: designated by the University of the Basque Country.
Member of terminology associations: member of the associations UEU, Kodeak, GTW and TermNet.
Online Radio : creator of one of the first three automatic online radio stations of the Basque Country.
International Moscow Radio: First Basque language reporter on Moscow Radio with a cultural magazine on Georgia and the Basque Country.
Contributor of Jakintza Baitha: member of Jakintza Baitha (association for fostering Ancient Greek culture) until F. Krutwig and A. Irigoien died.
My favourite authors in literature and music: Axular, Fiodor Dostoievsky and Sebastian Bach.
My favourite sports: mountain biking, karate-do, yoga and windsurfing.
Interested in: computing, elearning, online dictionaries, Web 2.0, GNU/Linux, Firefox, LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP), ZOPE, TiddlyWiki, Iberian Ancient Cultures, relationship between Basque, Iberism, Picts and Georgia, multiculturalism and heraldry.
My holidays spots: Bokale Zaharra-Albret Portua (Vieux Bocau-Port Albret), Catalan Countries (Oliva & Creixell), Villanueva (Castille) and Bilbao (Euskal Encounter).