Social aptitudes

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Meaning of this section: to live and to work with other people in multicultural frameworks and positions where communication is important and in situations where working with other people is essential.

Editor at ODP/Google : I was the person in charge of the English directory of Education in Journalism on the one hand, and of Television in Spanish in the world, on the other hand. As this directory made by humans is the greatest of the world I have been able to know people of other countries, and even gurus and geeks of the new technologies like David Geer.
Editor at EIZIE web site: I published the section of LINKS in four languages (EU, IS, IN and FR). Website of the Basque Association of Interpreters, Translators and Correctors ( EIZIE ).
Web site of the Department of Journalism: this is a multilingual website and I am the person in charge of the section of Basque and administer the web server having created its architecture with Plone.
Prizes Internet Euskadi: I was a member of the jury of the Buber Internet prizes that take place every year in the Basque Country.
Contributor in Basque newspapers Deia and Berria: I write in the Basque press (in Basque language or non-diglosic ones) with articles in Basque and Spanish.
Creator with Prof. Carlos Castaño of the edublog (education blog):
Creator of the eduvideologs (eduvlogs): and