Campaigns and Elections' Politics magazine in Spanish

I have just got a message by Alana Moceri, excellent blogger and Democratic Party (USA) supporter and strategis. A new version of an important Politics magazine has been published. This is an important piece of news for all Obama supporters and people interested in Politics in general. Here you can get some information about the new version in Spanish of the well-known Campaign & Elections' Politics magazine. Jordan Lieberman has written this article for all Democrats around the world:

Campaigns & Elections' Politics magazine today broadened its reach to all Latin America with the launch of its Spanish-language edition. In January 2010, Politics magazine will be distributed to Spanish-speaking political professionals, candidates, and public affairs executives.

Circulation for the Latin American edition of Politics magazine will be 25,000. “Politics is read in nearly forty countries. We are pleased to have developed a new editorial product that adapts to the conditions on the ground, while maintaining the high standard set by thirty years of publishing,” said Jordan Lieberman, magazine publisher.

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