English Harbour, the best place to live

English Harbour is a Caribbean town, located in Antigua & Barbuda. I love this island and its magical town EH. I have visited it many times... virtually, of course. And I would go there to spend my spare time working via Internet on its Caribbean beaches, but I have no idea how to reach that goal. English Harbour is in my heart... If you know how to go there and work for a company, please tell me. EH is not in the ranking of the best places to live cause is not in the US, and although is not Great Falls, Va. to earn money, it's enough for a poor university teacher (they usually call me 'full professor') like me... Photo credit Ted Martin.
English Harbour is an awesome town, but also a magical mobile app for ESL teachers... coming soon EH ESL, my new app at App Store. Here you have the logo with the national flag of Antigua and Barbuda.