The library of the University of Chicago and the future of ebooks

Have a look at this video, dear reader. You'll see the future of libraries related to printed books. This is not for the new libraries of digital books, because those libraries are located on the Internet, no matter where is the server, no matter if most of them are duplicated or not... In the new digital world, the ancient libraries must be like the one you can see in this video. Amazing library in one of the most known universities in the United States of America. Meanwhile, PriceWaterHouse (2010) and the nonprofit Rand corporation (2009) published some years ago new thoughts about the future of digital books or ebooks. It is clear that new giants have appeared in this traditional arena. The new publishing corporations are Amazon, Google, Apple and you, unknown author and potential writer. From now on, the democracy of publishing and well-paying is a reality for all people. The Global ebook market is changing continously and by 2016 may look like this.